Maynard Police Department

Roof and Scam Warning

Residents are encouraged to clear roofs and are warned of scams offering this service

Residents should evaluate if the volume of snow on the roof of their home is dangerous and arrange to remove as much of it as possible. The lightness of the fallen snow can provide a misleading feeling that it isn’t heavy, but with nearly 100” having fallen in Town, there is real weight to the total volume. As the weather warms, it is predictable that we will get heavier, ‘wetter’ snow or rain before it has all melted and this will greatly add to the weight on roofs.

At the same time residents are warned to be careful in attempting to remove snow from their homes and in hiring reputable contractors. There are reports on the news – none locally so far – of scammers taking cash and not doing the work. Before hiring anyone to work in your home consider the following:

Our town website offers additional roof clearing tips here: