Maynard Police Department

High Five…Monday?

It may not be Friday, but we think that the last day of school is High Five worthy. So, we had High Five Monday! We wanted to make sure we were able to wish our friends at the Green Meadow School a great last day. We really enjoy being able to establish connections with our residents, and have positive interactions with the students starting at a young age. A very special thank you to the Middle County Sheriff’s Department Officer Cataldo, and the Green Meadow School staff for participating. We will see you all this summer! I’ll let you in on a little secret, some of the Officers carry around Maynard Police Junior Officer stickers (a huge hit with the kids). So if you stop and say hello, give a high five or fist bump, I am fairly certain they’ll be walking away with a sticker.


Happy Summer from all of us here at the Maynard Police Department!