Maynard Police Department

Travel Ban Remains in Effect Saturday

Please continue to stay off the roads. 

From MEMA:

"Travel ban issued on Friday 2/8 remains in effect until further notice.  All motorists MUST be off the roads except for public safety and public works workers, government officials conducting official business, utility workers, healthcare workers who must travel to provide essential, news media.  Travel also is allowed if necessary to maintain and deliver critical private sector services such as energy, fuel supplies and delivery, financial systems and the delivery of critical commodities, or to support business operations that provide critical services to the public, including gasoline stations, food stores and hardware stores.  Motorists must use their best judgment in determining if travel is permitted under an exception to the ban.  Law enforcement is being asked to interpret the exceptions broadly; the objective is to limit traffic as much as possible while allowing critical public and private sector services and functions to use the roads as necessary. Do not call 9-1-1 about the travel ban, phone lines are needed for emergency calls."