Maynard Police Department

Parking Regulations

As a reminder to our residents we are continuously enforcing the town’s Parking Regulations. The following is a list of general prohibitions and their applicable fines:

(A1) Any meter that runs out of tie will receive a ten dollar ticket ($10.00)

The following categories are all fifteen dollar violations ($15.00)
(B1) Parked within an intersection
(B2) Parked upon a sidewalk or crosswalk
(B3) Parking over one foot from the curb
(B4) Parked less than 10 feet of an unobstructed lane
(B5) Within ten (10ft) of a hydrant
(B6) Upon a private road or across a driveway
(B7) Within 20ft of an intersection
(B8) Upon a street or roadway posted “No Parking”
(B9) Bus Stop of Taxi Stand
(B10) Improper angle parking
(B11) Restricted Parking Place
(B12) Overtime Parking Violation – two hours @ any given meter
Cannot feed a meter and vehicle must be moved to another location
(B13) Fire Lane Violation
(B14) Outside Parked Lines (not a legal space)
(B15) Permit Parking violation
(B16) Right Wheels not @ Curb (both right wheels at curb & within 12 inches of the curb) headed in the travel lane direction.

GROUP C – 1. Parking Ban from Dec 1 – Mar 15 (No On Street Parking)
From 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. $20.00
C – 2. Snow Removal – no parking on street whatsoever.

GROUP D. Handicap Parking

All parking violations are in accordance with 20A-1/2 of Chapter 90, Mass. General Laws by Section 22, and Chapter 153 of the Acts of 1992). You may find a copy of these in most libraries if you choose to look it up prior to coming to a hearing.

Commercial vehicles that are loading or unloading may stand for not more than 20 minutes continuously for the purpose of clearing materials.
Please do not idle to keep our air clean.

Whenever any vehicle shall be parked adjacent to a parking meter, the owner of said vehicle shall park within the space designated by street markings (white lines on ground) and, such person shall immediately deposit in said meter the required coin of the United States maximum legal parking period or proportionate period thereof both as indicated or shown on the meter and if so required set the mechanism in motion.